Thursday, 27 May 2010

nail polish

ok so im writting this 3ala ma my nail polish gets dry...

im not sure where this post is going coz usually i have something on my mind before i start writting,

3ala 6aree whats on my mind :

- i think im not normal, i prefer cloudy rainy cold weather as to sunny warm and summery

- i have no idea whether im going to pass or fail, i study so hard for a day then decide to take a weeks worth break... *thought of pass thrown out the window*

- i wish (wayed i wishat ib hal blog) ppl would stop saying how lucky i am to be living in the UK, i'd kill to have what u ppl have back home in Kuwait, walla il wa7d ma iy7s bl n3ma lain yafgdha

- in regards to the the above, u might ask ur self 3ayal why did she choose to be bl UK itha she'd kill to be bl Kuwait.. it's called "Money"... to make it u gotta have a degree, to make good money u gotta have a good degree, to have a good degree u gotta study at a good place... KU and all those private collages, unis or whatever their called... good? nope not good enough for me

-i'm not materialistic, bs hathee il dinya, i dont want to be with a man 10 years for now oo a5r il shahar ga3da a6r mna 3ashra, i want to give and take, mabee akoon 3ala 3ala a7ad

ummm ok it dried


  1. you're perfectly normal, I love cloudy rainy weather too.. Don't like the sun.