Monday, 7 June 2010


I am really annoyed, I'm more annoyed iny ma baradt chabdee oo glt kl il kalam ily 3indy.

Ana kuwaitya oo 6ool 3omry baft5r ib hal shay, I don't care about the political crap, the hot weather and mostly I DONT GIVE A HELL about the so called "typical" kuwaiti people,

I love my country, I will continue to love it till the day I die!

I hate (and I mean the word hate with all what it carries from repulsion to detest) it when my own people bitch about Kuwait!! Well guess what, until you find yourself another nationality your just one of us so cut the crap and start acting like one.

The least your country has given you is a sense of belonging, people would die to be defined as Kuwaiti, and so the least you can give back is some pride in it.

We all know it's not perfect, and it may never be, bs its us.. it who we are, laish show the ppl how mtfacheechen we've become ??

If you think u'd rather be something else... then be that, bs stop calling urself kuwaiti if u dont believe in it, u and ur fucking arrogance ARE NOT WELCOMED!!


  1. girl I couldn't love this post MORE!!!!

  2. oh mi god
    oh mi god i wanted to rite a post abt this

    and i will !


  3. I'm not Kuwaiti but I totally get what you mean. I hate how people are "over" being patriotic, like there is an off button or something.

    At the end of the day it's part of who you are and who you will be.

  4. eshda3wa : Yay! ;p can't wait to read it

    Ex-clamation Mark: I totally agree with u, it's their "tana8'6" that annoys me more