Sunday, 18 July 2010


Im breaking down, those tears finally found a way out.

Why don't you see?

Why don't you see ?

I try so hard to be what you want, I try and try and try and all you see is a failure.

I can't recognize my face, my soul, my heart, even my morals have vanished while trying so hard to get to where you want me to be.

Why can't you see the scares which haven't healed yet?

Don't you know I love you? I miss seeing you be proud of me, I miss the days were I could make you happy.... but most of all I miss me.

You turned me into your worst nightmare, and yet you can not see!


  1. Who truly loves you will stay with you until death...

    He, or if someone who does this, neglects you, it means they do not deserve you.

    I say it again... you'll find a great guy soon.


  2. The problem is, in this case i know who im talking about will stay with me until death, for he is my father :)

    I love him so much and i know he loves me more than anything in the world, bs we've grown so apart, he stopped seeing the little girl in me, and i stopped seeing the proud father in him.