Tuesday, 20 July 2010


It's hard trying to change they way you've been living for the past two decades,

but being hard doesn't necessarily mean being impossible, does it?

Something clicked today, I can't waste my last chance at getting a decent future.

I want to change everything,

I'm going to be more dedicated to my studies,

I'm going to care about my health,

I will not carry one wanting without actually doing something about it.

I will challenge myself.


  1. always and forever . . . put urself before others and u will feel content :)

    g'luck ;)

  2. Always remember that you can do it ! take things positive when it's negative, it's possible ^_^ goodluck!

  3. Thank u all for wishing me luck :D

    wnshalla it turns out the way i want it to be.

  4. wish u the best of luck !
    kind of remind me of my goals, working on the health part now, and the studies part when I'm back to uni..;p