Sunday, 25 July 2010


I hate having this feeling,

Where theres a lump in my throat,

I want to let go of those tears,

But their cause is so lame,

It will only make me look down on myself more.


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  2. well maybe you need to look down. in order to look up?
    we all have our moments. and believe me. i've tried so hard to shake those feelings off.. but they're anything but gone.. because you need to experience them.. wear them. like a piece of clothing. and when ur done.. take that feeling.. and experience off.. thats life.. putting on and off experiences to know it all..

  3. أنا قاعده أحس بنفس الشعور.. حاسه فيج

    يا رب يفرج همومنا أنا معاج

  4. Unforgivable Sinner:

    Your words meant a lot, they taught me to handle things in a different way than i usually do :)
    Thank u so much it really helped

    ameen inshalla

  5. well.. if unforgivable sinner already helped ya!.. then there's no need for my comment!.. is there!!

    i mean sure.. take it from the one who's an unforgivable sinner!!!

    i keed i keed :D
    hope things work out for ya

  6. lool la ur comment is welcomed as well,

    Thnks :D