Monday, 5 July 2010


When waiting for a result, either it be the result of an exam, a decision or so on; don't you ever feel that you know what the result is deep deep deep inside?

At times this thought wonders through my my mind, the thought of knowing everything if only i had the guts to accept what I know and not wait for it to happen, ista'3feralla it sounds wrong, but its just a thought...

Does anyone feel the same way?


  1. Yes all the time! It's like I know what's going to happen, but I pretend otherwise..

  2. naaa...i just feel crappy throughout :(

    exactly like how im waiting for tomorrows encounter with someone :(

  3. Alya: I do the same... prentend, and then i feel worse because i've lied to myself so well that i've actually believed my lie.

    Doona: Hope ur encounter goes well, but for now basich crappiness oo smile ;D " he 5areba 5areba 5aleena na3meeha"