Sunday, 8 August 2010


I feel pathetic.


  1. nothing...nothing in the world should ever make you feel like that


    so watever it is, just dump it and move you only live 6your life once oo 7aram you waste it feeling pathetic

    cheer up babe ;** mako wala shay beldinya yistahal ;**

  2. afaaaaaa laish chthi :/

  3. i agree with doona wallah ...

    wala shay yistahel hal i7saas, i can say i relate to it, and i really get it. so i know ur gonna jst cough this up to advice and maybe not take it

    bs wala shay yistahel ennich t76een roo7ich eb mawqef elli the only words that u can type in ur post are those ;/

    i knw its hard bs try to cheer up and as soon as u try putting the smile on ur face and letting other thoughts in then it'd be a step forward..

    did anything i say make sense? cuz i dnt think it does.. madry, we'll see lol

  4. Doona: thnk u sweety so much 3ala hal kalam, it really made me feel better.

    socomoco: I just felt pathetic for putting myself in certain situations, i shud've known better:)

    Lost ib2amreeka: la it totally makes sense, u meant i need to change how i feel and start thinking in a positive and happy way in order of actually getting somewhere.

    5/4: mnawra ur comment!!