Wednesday, 4 August 2010


This morning I realised I have a hidden talent,

It's called... النسيان

I said it in arabic cause I feel it gives it a stronger meaning than the regular ( to forget).

Man have I shoved a lot of memories in a pit of darkness, I have put them away, and hidden them from my sight...

Nearly like the way we'd put stuff under a bed and imagine they never existed,

But then comes a day where curiosity creeps upon you,

You'd peek under that bed...

And realise that thing has been there the whole time...

Is it still النسيان or is it another word for denial?

Between reality and ones imagination lies a very faint line :)


  1. blogger ate my comment :'(

    as i was doesnt really matter what you call it, it still does wonders :)

    i have that talent too...i think its my best does me alot of good :)

  2. i have a different talent

    its called moving on

    although sometimes forgetting is even better

  3. doona: shakla tefa6ar feeha :P Guess we all got a bit of that talent.

    eshda3wa: I shud starting learning how to move on and accept things the way they are, alla ytamem 3alaich ur talent :D