Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I'm so lost at the moment I can't even explain,

It's hard walking around with a lump in your throat,

Trying so hard to hold your tears back,

It's even harder walking around in a place where people know you failed at the only thing you wanted most out of life,

The people here don't make it any easier,

Everyone is so shallow and two faced,

ahhh aby just one genuine person...

I want to cry,

Cry my heart out,

Cuddle my pillow and not leave my place for a whole week,

But no I have to put on a happy face while I carry on fucking my life.

النفس ليه عافت كل شي تشوفه مر


  1. i've been exactly this for the past 3 weeks or maybe more ..


    sometimes i think i got over this feeling .. ba3deen faj'aa i break down like those feeling were bottling up

    i dont know ..


  2. :<

    life isnt worth all of this sadness, pain and misery

    cheer up will ya?

    *punches chin softly*

  3. dont dwell!!

    it happens.. every while and then..

    just.. i dunno.. do somethin corny!

    anony up there is genuine!.. i recommend her! :)

  4. oh... am i?!

    i feel that.. you the one who's stalkin me!

  5. yo commenetd after me! how can i stalk you ..@@ stalker *rolls her eyes*