Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Ok, so once again my mind is blank,

I was going to write something about my b-day, bs nothing that special happened.

It can be summed up in one word, family-ish... makes sense? Kinda...

Moving on, mo 7asa ib 6a3m irme'6an this year, it feels very akward.

Is it just me or is anyone else going through the same thing?

I find this very hard to think about between me and myself, therefore explaining it is going to be tough ...

Umm how shall i begin...

I feel cut off from God... I stopped getting emotions in my heart when he is mentioned, I stopped getting goosebumps when someone talks about miracles and all... But i still believe in him...

It makes me sad and frustrated, I feel lost, I know what i want, I want to keep believing and i want to regain my faith... bs how?

Everytime i want to get closer, i walk 10 steps back...

Anyone got ideas to help ?


  1. youre not alone :)

    if you find out a solution though, please do let me know :)

  2. doona as usual finds nice blogs and never share them !! maythera lo etgolilii 3an nice blogs maytheraaaaaaaaaaaaa :@ :P

    Dont.Dwell : for some reason im in love with your blog <3

    me likey you :D and i dont like ppl easily these days lool but im nice to them (A)

    but i like you very much :P lol madre laish ga3da a3ed o azed bel salfa hahaha

    Happy Birthday :D

    want a gift? ;p

  3. Doona: inshalla i will :)

    Anony: mnawraa, as long as ur nice theres nothing for me to worry about :P

    abee salamtich ;;**