Wednesday, 15 September 2010


When I was young

Around the age of 9 or so,

I had this rule I'd go by,

If today was a bad day,

Tomorrow will be a good one,

And vice versa,

But as I grew older,

As time went by,

Day after day they broke my rule,

And now I'm stuck in a phase where tomorrow doesn't seem any better than today.

I hate talking this way,

I wish I could write down something happy,

But i can't,

I stopped smiling from my heart,

And this is the only place where I don't need to fake a thing.

What do you do when those closest to you see your strengths as flaws?

I wish I'd do better at explaining how I feel and what I want.

A shoulder to lean on is all I want,

Why does it seem so hard?

Why did people stop listening,

Why are we become more and more self-centered?

Why Why Why

Why is it every time we ask why we fool ourselves in expecting a certain answer,

Yet deep inside hidden in the corner of our heart it lays unseen.


  1. I looked in ur profile for an email or anything but I couldn't find one

    You know we're here for u! Ur blogging buddies.

    Vent here all you want, we'll always have ears wide open to hear/read anything u have bottled up inside.

    my email is in my profile, feel free to email me whenever u feel like u have to!! Seriously wallah, you have more friends that are willing to listen than you think :)

    we're here!

  2. i agree with lost !!!
    this is your place to vent all you want and we are hear to listen to you.
    No Judgements!
    Your tomorrows will get brighter inshallah. You just wait and see!
    Sometimes you just have go through the drought to get to the sunshine and happy days :)

  3. you have 20 shoulders to lean on, and 10 people who care to know what ails you. life is what u make of it, happiness comes from within, as corny as that sounds. we're here, we care, talk, and we'll listen :)