Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Dresses and Life

Some people grow up with a dream,

Some people make this dream an aim,

Some people work towards their aim,

And some people get there.

Many are lost between,

But others like me freewheel life,

We move around instinctively until interrupted by a possibility,

A possibility which opens new horizons and gets us thinking...

Where do we belong in this world?

Imagine this possibilty as a designer dress,

Everyone talks about how perfect it is and how you can never go wrong with it,

But the problem is you can't fit in it,

You try really hard, and for so long to get to a size which allows you to fit in it,

Once your there,

You put it on,

And realize it wasn't made for you,

You don't feel any better wearing it, nor do you feel anything special about it,

But the people around you keep complementing you on the great job you've done getting there,

My point it,

Not everything out there is made for everyone,

Even though people may make it seem so prominent,

Whether its a career, person or any other object,

Don't feel down when you realize it's not made for you,

Look back and reflect on your journey,

Be proud for reaching your set goal,

And then move on and find another dress,

For a simple black dress can go a long way,

Accessorize ! ;)

1 comment:

  1. lovingly well written and so true! we focus so hard at times in living the "perfect" life that we dont enjoy it! u work a well paying job but devote all your time to it, u save alot of money but dont have the energy to spend it, the paradox of the world.

    keep pickin at society's facade of life :)