Thursday, 4 November 2010

Do u love urself?

Do you Love yourself?


Stop for a couple of seconds,

And try repeating that phrase...

" Do I love myself?"

Do you?

If you do\don't...

How did you define what loving yourself is?

When we love someone,

We give away our lives to them,

We make time to be with them,

We create an environment in which they get all the attention and their needs are fulfilled,

Are you doing the same for yourself?

I highly doubt that.

Think about this,

And please share your thoughts,

I'm thinking about writing a series of posts in regards to this matter,

My aim is to change the way I see myself and help you do the same.


  1. interesting choice of topic; i dont think anyone truly "love" themselves, we all view certain imperfections, which infact define our personality, but we wish to change them.

    there are too many ways one can change themselves, be it working out, dying your hair, or even more drastic measures like plastic surgery.

    have u been watching Nip/Tuck?

    cant wait to hear other peoples thoughts on this


  3. Me too, the problem is although at times we do admit not loving rselfs, we don't seem to do much about it,

    as u said, people always go for changing their physical appearance, what if the problem isn't on the outside?

    We can all get a fancy makeover, but we can't all change the way we think towards rself,

    The feeling of joy we get from relatively improving are physical image doesn't last for a life time, but what if we change how we preceive who we are on the inside?

    P.s. Lol!! ok I get why she would marry herself, in the sense of learning to love urself 3ashan u love others... bs it isnt practical :P