Sunday, 7 November 2010

My parents

I really miss my parents,

So I thought to myself why not write up a post about them,

Then I realised, it's hard fitting all what I want to say in just one post,

Literally, they'd make good material for a whole book!

My parents are the exact opposites of each other, yet there so alike,

It's weird in a sense, but when you think about it...

They complete each other.

I still remember the day,

When me and my dad had gone phone shopping,

On our way home we started talking about relationships,

One thing led to another and we got talking about how he and my mother met,

My parents come from different "mathaheb" and are in no way related to each other,

He said he saw her at work,

She was training him at the time,

And he'd seen in her the mother of his children,

I asked him why he saw that in her,

And to this day I remember getting a bit irritated by his intro to the answer,

He started off with saying how he'd seen women of all sorts and kinds when he was abroad,

And that taught him that a wife wasn't beauty, short dresses and makeup,

A wife wasn't the women who was the loudest, funniest or most attractive,

A wife was, ( Quote)

المره الي تصون نفسها,
تفرض شخصيتها بذكاءها
وتحافظ على سمعتها

هذي المره الي راح تصون ريلها وبيتها
وتربي عياله

That made me feel so... I can't describe the feeling,

I wish all men of this day and age saw that in their future wives,

Women wouldn't be so out there,

Girls would'nt run around looking for false love,

And children would'nt be as confused,

My parents didn't get married as kids,

My mum was 29 while my dad was 34,

I wish one day I could have a marriage like theirs,

I miss you yuma,,, yuba :)


  1. Awww how cute!
    Hopefully their marriage went smoothly with both families... inter mazhab marriages are usually the hardest :S

  2. Nawerat ur comment!!!

    L7mdlla it did, my mums parents were a bit mtradedeen at first bs ma 9ar ila kl 5air :)

    Thnks for passing by ;;**

  3. allah ye5alihom laba3m, wey5alich lahom :D

    i love stories of <3

    now please dont hate me for this, i tried to see if u have an email on ur profile but to no avail, theres a typo in ur main page pic! i love the design tho! my favoritest color!

    Sowwy :S

  4. We all love stories of <3 :P

    9ij theres a typo :S wain?!

    Glad u like the design ;D I love those colours too, for some reason ythakroony ib bared ily 3alaih 9bay oo bnt loool nesait its name.

  5. reminds me of the one called columbus, looked like a rocket, tasted like berries :P

  6. الله يخليهم حق بعض إنشالله