Monday, 7 February 2011

Hello !

So as u can see i've changed the design,

I'm not sure if I like it more than the pervious one or not,

What do u think?

Plus I think the font might be difficult for some to read but I feel it matches the colours in a way ;p

Any suggestions?


  1. Wohooooooooo very strong!!!! ...mmm i think i like it:P lana farg be4 it was too cute to simple and nayghty aggressive LOOOOL ..ana wallah madri eli yaa3jbich and suits u is fine with me --->na3am?:P

    Bes wallah jad if u like then i like it:D

  2. umbaaaaaaaih la i love it!! il FONT 7adaa eshaweg!!!!!!! okay i want to write my first letter name (N) LOOOOOOOL

  3. my eyes are tearing from pain of reading the font !


    the layout looks good though :)

  4. Bint ilKuwait:

    raga9teeny loool ee gabl a7esa wayed plain oo it didn't reflect me much bs hal alwan 3ajbatny ;p yabeela she'3l lail 7een coz a7esa 3afsa bs inshalla i'll get to it later,

    sorry shelt il font l2na y3awer 3yoon q8othug loool

    LorD AymZ:

    Thnk uu ;D

    yup, now all I have to do is sell tickets :P


    sorry ;p 5ala9 shelt il font, hatha any better?

    Thanks, I'm still working on it l2na a7sa 3afsa

    p.s. I need study help :$ 3ndk 2 choices ya genetics ya statistics loool r u good at either?