Sunday, 13 February 2011


I can't continue with contradicting myself,

I can't continue to do what people want,

Expecting them to like me more,

When all I'm doing is demeaning myself,

Enough is enough,

I don't give a damn if I stay lonely for ever,

I'm not going to step all over me for the sake of making anyone feel better,

Although that sounds mean,

I'd say this wouldn't count for those who deserve being cared about,

But at this day and age there aren't many.

At the end of the day it's all about me and God,

As long as I'm doing what I'm supposed to do nothing else counts.

A year ago I couldn't see this,

But now I do,

It's my life,


I decide how it's run,

I and only I,

Because when I fall no one will be there to pick me up.

I had my priorities mixed up,

I was looking for something which doesn't exist in that way,

But today is now,

And yesterday isn't here anymore,

So I don't regret taking this long to get here,

And I'm up for all what's to come.


  1. good for you dear
    just go easy on the booze K?
    looool hehehe joking

    now where is that statistics homework of yours ? :P

  2. loooool I don't do booze :@ !!

    Bacher I have a statistics practical :P 5al ashoof what I don't get oo il bajy 3alaik (A)

    If ur busy aw shay 3ady, eventually I'd figure it out ;p

    bs thank uu mo8adaman ;D

  3. not busy
    no problem

    so you decided to put on a tattoo :>
    good for you, i recommend sh3ar dowlat el kuwait
    something traditional :P

  4. LOOL awal shay booze wal7een a tattoo:P sh-hal fkra il 3aneefa ily ma5eth-ha 3any ;/

    shly 7adny asha5b6 3ala jsmy :P

    il yom I'm going to work 3ala the hw, oo I'll email u the parts I don't get :D