Friday, 11 March 2011

I'm feeling...

I can't explain, ,

I'm bored, like really really really bored,

There isn't anything to do,

Well there is,

Like studying for once,

But I'm talking about something fun.

Here I am laying on my couch,

All cuddled up with my blankie,

T.V. off,

Just enjoying some classics,

ذكرى- سؤال

شف لهفتي وانته غايب
وحيد بين الحبايب

But still this isn't satisfying,

Even my brain is bored,

I haven't got anything to think about,

Which is frustrating,

Cause atleast it would give me something to write about,

Other than this rambling,

You think I'm gonna stop ?


Ok la 7aram I waste more of your time,

sorry :)


  1. >:/

    rdaina 3al 6air yalli....

    go study yalla ! :)

  2. Ma 3indy imte7anat :( b3ad 2 months,

    ma radaina ma radaina :P

    bs malanaaaaaaaaa

    kl wa7d lahy bshay or someone oo ana I'm stuck with myself ;/

  3. believe me i know wat u mean -__-

    this song is making me think non stop ;$

    u can ask me later why:P


  4. i felt exactly the same way. Until i found my calling. Nizar Qabani and his lovely poems that speak to the heart + soul. He cured me, still is. :p