Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pass The Parcel.

Huddled up in an impression of a circle we sat,


And alert,

For what is to come.

Everytime it would fall in ones lap,

The sensation it gives,

Makes one so numb.

With a watchful eye,

We'd watch it as it went around,

Wishing the world would go silent,

When it was in our hands.

That lucky one,

Takes it in,

And we all await,

As he peels layer by layer,

One after another.

Eventually uncovering what it holds,

We'd all stare at it dazzled,

Waiting to be told.

Just like in real life,

Things go around,

Sometimes your lucky to have them,

And sometimes your lucky to have played the game.

Nothing is what it seems,

Until you start getting to those layers,

Only then do you realise what you hold.

Pass it around,

Maybe then one day you'll get to keep it.

Monday, 25 April 2011


It's amazing how one person can have a huge impact on your life,

All words would mean the same to you,

Unless they came out of that person's mouth,

Only then would they shake your world,

Make your heart tighten,

Followed by a stream of silent tears.

You know,

I could've just chosen to be anyone,

And I know that you know that,

You see those who surround me?

One simple decison,

And I'd be a replica .

I would've chosen not to care,

Live my life for me,

I'd give up on learning,

Why have high expectations?

My life would be all about looks,

Where to go,

Who to be with,

All that crap shallow people live by.

I'd be happy,

Or atleast I'd be good at faking such,

By now I would've graduated,

Got myself any job,

I wouldn't care what is was,

As long as I'm being paid,

And umm,

I might be married with a kid,

Or even two.


I wouldn't be satisfied,

I wasn't raised like this,

And I'll never think like this,

You taught me what life is about,

It's not names and money,

It's having knowledge and skills.

I fell off track,

I messed up a couple of times,

But I know what I wan't,

Or atleast I have vague idea,

Give me time,

I'll get there,

I promise you I will.

Your words today were like swords to my heart,

Thin but sharp,

Because you out of all people now how much I want to please you,

I'll get there,

I promise I will.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hiding My Heart.

I wish I could lay down beside you

When the day is done

And wake up to your face against the morning sun

But like everything I've ever known

You disappear one day

So I spend my whole life hiding my heart away,



Saturday, 16 April 2011


If only there was a block option that comes with life,

I'd block so many things out of mine,

Things such as people,

"Do's" and "Don'ts",


And even scenes from the past.


I could block these thoughts,

And everything else which annoys me would be insignificant.

If only.

Why can't I just keep to myself,

Ignore everything which surrounds me,

And care about me and me only.

Wouldn't my life be so simple ?

No one to worry about,

Nothing to be afraid of,

No one to be compared with.

My mind would be so empty and clean,

My thoughts would'nt be that complex,

And when I feel something,

I'd trust in what I feel.

But now?

All I'm doing it doubting you,

Looking for reasons to decline what you offer to give,

Reasons to make you a liar,

Make you like every other person.

All I'm doing is doubting myself.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Oh Land- Sun Of A Gun

Me likey !

*click here*

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? ~Satchel Paige

Imagine you are so frail,
Frail enough,
That by a simple act of tripping you'd break a bone.

Imagine your heart becomes so weak,
It fails you from time to time.

Imagine your memories start to fade,
Faces stop looking familiar,
And names make no sense.

Imagine that everytime you look in the mirror,
You see lines of your life drawn across your face.

Imagine a time,
A time when you have no saying as to how your life is run.

Imagine a night,
Every night,
When you can't promise to be there tomorrow.

Imagine growing old.

Friday, 1 April 2011

I'm coming home I'm coming home, Tell the world I'm coming home.

I'm going to be in Kuwait Saturday night,

Easter is here,

This school year is nearly over,

Just finals left to go.

Time fly's?

I can't believe that this time a year ago I was writting about trying to hang on to something which was never meant to be,

Feeling really down,

And nothing going my way,

Struggling with motivating myself,

Convincing everyone around me that it was what I wanted most in life,

But more importantly,

Trying to convince me.

Here I am,

A year later,

My life did a 180,

I've done stuff I never imagined I'd do,

I'm looking at life from angles I never knew existed,

Even my prespective of certain people changed,



I don't know,

It's to soon to judge.

P.s. I wanted to put a link of last year's april posts but I've deleted them a while ago.