Saturday, 16 April 2011


If only there was a block option that comes with life,

I'd block so many things out of mine,

Things such as people,

"Do's" and "Don'ts",


And even scenes from the past.


I could block these thoughts,

And everything else which annoys me would be insignificant.

If only.

Why can't I just keep to myself,

Ignore everything which surrounds me,

And care about me and me only.

Wouldn't my life be so simple ?

No one to worry about,

Nothing to be afraid of,

No one to be compared with.

My mind would be so empty and clean,

My thoughts would'nt be that complex,

And when I feel something,

I'd trust in what I feel.

But now?

All I'm doing it doubting you,

Looking for reasons to decline what you offer to give,

Reasons to make you a liar,

Make you like every other person.

All I'm doing is doubting myself.