Friday, 1 April 2011

I'm coming home I'm coming home, Tell the world I'm coming home.

I'm going to be in Kuwait Saturday night,

Easter is here,

This school year is nearly over,

Just finals left to go.

Time fly's?

I can't believe that this time a year ago I was writting about trying to hang on to something which was never meant to be,

Feeling really down,

And nothing going my way,

Struggling with motivating myself,

Convincing everyone around me that it was what I wanted most in life,

But more importantly,

Trying to convince me.

Here I am,

A year later,

My life did a 180,

I've done stuff I never imagined I'd do,

I'm looking at life from angles I never knew existed,

Even my prespective of certain people changed,



I don't know,

It's to soon to judge.

P.s. I wanted to put a link of last year's april posts but I've deleted them a while ago.


  1. nawartien darich wmatra7ich

    (i think thats what they say)

  2. il7imdillaaaaaah 3al salamaaaaaaaaaaa;***********