Monday, 25 April 2011


It's amazing how one person can have a huge impact on your life,

All words would mean the same to you,

Unless they came out of that person's mouth,

Only then would they shake your world,

Make your heart tighten,

Followed by a stream of silent tears.

You know,

I could've just chosen to be anyone,

And I know that you know that,

You see those who surround me?

One simple decison,

And I'd be a replica .

I would've chosen not to care,

Live my life for me,

I'd give up on learning,

Why have high expectations?

My life would be all about looks,

Where to go,

Who to be with,

All that crap shallow people live by.

I'd be happy,

Or atleast I'd be good at faking such,

By now I would've graduated,

Got myself any job,

I wouldn't care what is was,

As long as I'm being paid,

And umm,

I might be married with a kid,

Or even two.


I wouldn't be satisfied,

I wasn't raised like this,

And I'll never think like this,

You taught me what life is about,

It's not names and money,

It's having knowledge and skills.

I fell off track,

I messed up a couple of times,

But I know what I wan't,

Or atleast I have vague idea,

Give me time,

I'll get there,

I promise you I will.

Your words today were like swords to my heart,

Thin but sharp,

Because you out of all people now how much I want to please you,

I'll get there,

I promise I will.

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