Sunday, 15 May 2011


awal shay .. shit im stalking you !!

thany shay I'm feeling possessive of you.. shako madry...

Moving on,

Finals start bacher oo awal mara ib 7ayaty I just want to get them over with;/
3adatan I freak out oo I start saying I want more time to study,
Bs hal mara 7ta low ma 5ala9t studying I still wanna go through them !!

ahhhh SUMMER..

Ra7 anam oo anam oo anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam,

7ta low mo nayma I'm still gonna be in bed,

Ra7 asra7 oo amra7 oo afra7 oo sefoon 3ala um il jam3a

ok bs 5ala9t

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