Monday, 2 May 2011


I'm not really sure how I'm expected to react,

Should I laugh it off and never think about it?

Or should I start making excuses?

Or maybe carry on drawing a picture of this person which is more imaginary than real,

I don't know,

After all I might just be obsessing like I usually do.

I know for a fact most of us think this way,

But why is it when it comes to being on the other end most find difficulty living up to their words,

We'd rather be rejected than live a lie,

So why is it when someone doesn't fit our expectations,

We go around in circles wanting to be nice.

Your not doing me any good by gradually distancing yourself,

You either say you want me,

Or you don't,

It's as easy as that,

No need to make me come up with conclusions,

And keep thinking to myself about all these random things.

Give me it straight,

Tell me where I stand.

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