Sunday, 29 May 2011

Speak My Mind

You probably get this feeling too,

When you've got something on your mind,

And your chest feels tight,

Yet you can't seem to explain the cause.

I guess it's a few things in my case.

Firstly I'm already worried about results, although it's barely been 2 days since my last final.


How do I put this?

You see me as someone I'm not,

You judge me on the way I act to please you,

And at the end of the day neither I or you are satisfied.

What I saw once as special is now below average,

You're all the same,

Narrow minds,

Shallow personalities,

And a love for lust,

I don't care anymore,

I seriously don't,

Carry on ignoring me,

I'm not going to loose anything because there wasn't anything to gain from the start,

So... goodbye ?



I annoy me,

Not sure if it makes sense,

But I do.

Every time I say I won't do something I end up doing it,

I care about things which are meaningless,

And I'm dragged into acting a certain way around certain people,

Why, why do I do that?

Some days I feel I have the strongest personality out there,

I know whats right and whats wrong,

I know what I want,

And I know who to be with,

But days like this,

I feel weak,


And lonely.

I want to start over again,

If only I could erase everything,

Every impression of me,

Every thought,

Just everything,

And get to be who I really am,

Putting it all out there,

And not having to lie to please anyone,

To simply speak my mind.