Wednesday, 11 May 2011


خلوه على كيفه يدور غيري ...
يرتاح وأرتاح أنا من تفكيري ...
مافاد لا حبي ولا تقديري ...
مابيه حتى لو تعنى وجاني ...


I came across this song and memories just started flooding in,

I remember it being Easter break and I was back in Kuwait,

Just a regular Friday night,

Out with my cousins,

This song was on full blast,

It was the first time I'd heard it,

But they'd known it and were already singing along,

I'd laugh at how silly they looked,

The atmosphere was just so cheerful,

We'd make fools out of ourselves just for the fun of it,

Then when I was back in the UK I had it as my ring tone,

Every time my phone rang I'd have flashbacks of Kuwait,

And smile a little inside.

I thought that year was my year,

Everything was going well,

It changed a lot of things in me,

Little did I know that the years to come would do to.

But 2009 was special,

It brought out the challenging me,

Showed me I can do whatever I want to,

As long as I wanted it.

Then 2010 came,

It showed me that not everything I want has to suit me,

I learned to fall and pick myself up,

I learned to look back and criticize myself instead of dwell,

I learned to create opportunities from failures,

Most of all,

I learned to move on.

2011.... I'll keep that for another post :)

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