Saturday, 25 June 2011

"Intay T3a9been?"

A couple of days ago my cousin asked me this question,

She had done something bitchy and I said nothing in return,

I just acted as if I'm dumb and dismissed it.

Most people think I do this because I'm really dumb or even naive,

But no,

I do this on purpose.

I believe that by giving a reaction to something so cheap all I'm doing is depreciating my self worth.

Now the problem is,

Even though I know what I'm doing is best for myself,

At times it hurts when the person infront of me doesn't know why I do what I do and they think that it's an act of weak personality.

Sometimes I reach a point where I tell myself next time I won't dismiss it,

And something happens,

Yet again I choose not to say anything,

It's a part of me I can't change.

The weirdest thing I do is when I know people are talking about me infront of me,

They think I don't know when actually I do,

I keep my head down not to interrupt them until their done,

For example I still remember that time when I was being talked about as an illustration of failure if you don't study right infront of me.

There are more and more examples but thats all in the past, I don't hold back on something which results from peoples ignorance.

Just because you don't get yelled at or told off doesn't mean you're right,

Sometimes it's just easier giving you what you want to hear and cutting out the agony of explaining to shallow minds.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Nothing is going right and I'm so pissed off at everything, I literally stood there screaming my head of and I didn't give a fuck to who she was. Why can't people just be themselves, Why do they have to be so fucking bipolar! fy farg bain not wanting to show it all, and being a completly different asshole everytime you meet someone new. 5alaaaaaaaa9 6agat chabdy, you have me as I am or you fuck the hell off oo I don't give a damn about you and your messed up issues !

From now on I'm having it MY WAY and I'm not even going to think about someone else when I'm going to do what I WANT l2na m7ad kafo 7ta klma 7lwa, nas ma tamshy ila bsloob zift. Mo ana ily adoos 3ala nafsy 3ashan zbala wl nya il 9afya aw il 6eeba 9arat vintage, ma tinlbs ila when your faking 7ag il teshai7e6. All your going to see is the bitch in me l2na fy awadem 7aram feeha il sana3

Monday, 6 June 2011

كوبي بيست

بما اني مو قادره انام بخربط شوي
وبما انه ما عندي شي اقوله بخربط بالعربي

كيفي بلوقي

انا مو مرتاحه وحاسه انه في شي ناقص
املغ شعور بالدنيا لما الواحد يعرف راحته وين بس ما يبيها بهل طريقه
المسأله عناد ادري

وانا اكثر وحده اعاند نفسي
خالف تعرف

زهقت من الروتين
من الناس كلها
اتوقع وصلنا مرحله الكل صار كوبي بيست

ابي ناس يديده بحياتي
ناس سنعه
ناس احس عندهم طموح وثقافه

مليت من التناقض
ابي ناس اتمنى اكون نفسهم من كثر ما اهما غير
مابي ناس اتلني معاها بالافكار الساجذه والشخصيه المزوره

تعرفون شلون الواحد ينفض قطعه القماش او الكفر؟
انا جذي ودي انفض حياتي
وتطير منها كل خليه وصخه

يقولون الطيور على اشكالها تقع
تهقون انا الي قاعده اجذب هل اشكال؟
ادري فيني عيوب الدنيا
وادري انا الي يايبه هل هموم حق نفسي
بس صعبه
صعبه الواحد يتغير وهوا ماله احد يماشيه

نمشي ونقول عادي تقزر وبالنهايه محد قزرت عليه غيرنا

ااااخ يا قلبي

كل ما اكبر احس عقلي يصغر
ياما مفاهيم كنت متمسكه فيها بطريقه خياليه
بس وينها الحين؟
كل شي اختلط اب بعضه
ما بقى لي شي من الصح والغلط

انا مو راضيه عن الي اسويه

الي يضحك بالموضوع اني اضحك على الي تسوي سواتي
ولاني قادره احط نفسي مكانها
مصره انه انا غير
بس لا انا حالي حالها
ويمكن ارده بعد

مليت من نفسي
مليت من الي حولي
مليت من المفاهيم العويه
مليت من القيل والقال
مليت من المظاهر
مليت من الهواش والمشاكل
مليت من الاحلام الي مالها مكان بالواقع
مليت من المثاليه

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mood Of The Day.

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غلطت الشاطر بعشره ما بقى عندك عذر
والكذب مكشوف امره طال وقتو او قصر
وانته غلطاتك كثير والكذب حبلو قصير

In our minds we all have an idea of the perfect couple,

We also have the ability of matching people together,

However we are all aware that in reality this isn't always the case,

And we are confronted with the weirdest combinations of partners.

But still,

Seeing what you have once chosen makes me reluctant to what you are willing to settle for.

I am doubtless of the fact that you deserve someone better,

Better as in someone at the same intellectual level as you.

Why do you have to accept something less than what you dream for?

Why do you have to go through the process of molding someone to meet your desires?

Why can't you just wait?