Saturday, 25 June 2011

"Intay T3a9been?"

A couple of days ago my cousin asked me this question,

She had done something bitchy and I said nothing in return,

I just acted as if I'm dumb and dismissed it.

Most people think I do this because I'm really dumb or even naive,

But no,

I do this on purpose.

I believe that by giving a reaction to something so cheap all I'm doing is depreciating my self worth.

Now the problem is,

Even though I know what I'm doing is best for myself,

At times it hurts when the person infront of me doesn't know why I do what I do and they think that it's an act of weak personality.

Sometimes I reach a point where I tell myself next time I won't dismiss it,

And something happens,

Yet again I choose not to say anything,

It's a part of me I can't change.

The weirdest thing I do is when I know people are talking about me infront of me,

They think I don't know when actually I do,

I keep my head down not to interrupt them until their done,

For example I still remember that time when I was being talked about as an illustration of failure if you don't study right infront of me.

There are more and more examples but thats all in the past, I don't hold back on something which results from peoples ignorance.

Just because you don't get yelled at or told off doesn't mean you're right,

Sometimes it's just easier giving you what you want to hear and cutting out the agony of explaining to shallow minds.

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