Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mood Of The Day.

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غلطت الشاطر بعشره ما بقى عندك عذر
والكذب مكشوف امره طال وقتو او قصر
وانته غلطاتك كثير والكذب حبلو قصير

In our minds we all have an idea of the perfect couple,

We also have the ability of matching people together,

However we are all aware that in reality this isn't always the case,

And we are confronted with the weirdest combinations of partners.

But still,

Seeing what you have once chosen makes me reluctant to what you are willing to settle for.

I am doubtless of the fact that you deserve someone better,

Better as in someone at the same intellectual level as you.

Why do you have to accept something less than what you dream for?

Why do you have to go through the process of molding someone to meet your desires?

Why can't you just wait?

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