Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Nothing is going right and I'm so pissed off at everything, I literally stood there screaming my head of and I didn't give a fuck to who she was. Why can't people just be themselves, Why do they have to be so fucking bipolar! fy farg bain not wanting to show it all, and being a completly different asshole everytime you meet someone new. 5alaaaaaaaa9 6agat chabdy, you have me as I am or you fuck the hell off oo I don't give a damn about you and your messed up issues !

From now on I'm having it MY WAY and I'm not even going to think about someone else when I'm going to do what I WANT l2na m7ad kafo 7ta klma 7lwa, nas ma tamshy ila bsloob zift. Mo ana ily adoos 3ala nafsy 3ashan zbala wl nya il 9afya aw il 6eeba 9arat vintage, ma tinlbs ila when your faking 7ag il teshai7e6. All your going to see is the bitch in me l2na fy awadem 7aram feeha il sana3

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  1. Haday. It's just the heat me thinks. Iced tea with lemon.