Thursday, 17 November 2011

I really want to blog, like really!

But I just can't seem to get anything down,

I miss pouring my heart out.

Blogging means a great deal to me,

It's where I am me and no one can judge,

Where I get to figure myself out,

Where after I type that last line a weight lifts off my heart.

I guess I developed new ways of dealing with pain,

Or maybe I actually stopped feeling pain all together,


Coming to think about it I stopped being so dramatic about everything,

So maybe thats why there's nothing to obssess about.

So far this year I suprised myself with a lot of things,

Lately I've been so good at saying whats on my mind out loud,

For instance I told off my lab partners infront of a professor,

That would've never happened before,

I became more social around people I don't know and actually made a few new friends,

And I also gave an old perv a piece of mind when trying to hit on me !

So is this part of growing up?

"One often learns more from ten days of agony than from ten years of contentment. "

~Harold Coffin

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  1. its always good to be honest with yourself and to be come more aware of what you want and what u can not give to others. i been surprising myself lately as well. i became more confident in what i want to say to others. I like blogging and it was one of the main things that pulled me together when i fell hard.