Tuesday, 6 December 2011

would you think?

If there is one thing in the world that you need your brain for it would be religion,

You just can't go along with everything you're told,

You need to weigh things out,

Put some logic into it,

Apply it to your everyday life,

And then, only then can you start to believe in it !

Believing everything you're told is being plain naive,

How could you pour your soul into a religion you're only part of because you've been told it's what's right?

You need to think!

Why is it right?

As I come from parents of different "mathaheb" I've always been split between the two,

I just can't choose one over the other,

I've always opted to balance things out,

By choosing what I believe gives the best reasoning,

Back in Kuwait we go to a certain 7ussainya in muharam,

I love that place,

It isn't all about grieving,

I always leave that place having learnt something,

The speech always left me thinking and evaluating my then beliefs,

Today we went to one in the UK,


The whole speech was about how the world is against "shee3a",

How they should be careful,

How they must follow the teachings of ahl il bait,

And must present their accomplishments to them....

ummm excuse me?

Isn't islam about God?!!

I thought we're supposed to follow his guidance,

His prophets,

And do well to be better people,

Which in return would be awarded with heaven,

Why WHY are these extremists ruining islams purity,

Instead of planting all those horrid thoughts in peoples brain,

Making muslims segregate even more than they already are,

Can't they preach "UNITY"?!

It simply breaks my heart.

Whether muslim, cristian, or even atheist,

We need to respect each others choices and learn to live in harmony,

Its the 20th centuray...

Till when will religion be this barbaric ?

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