Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Dead tired, long day at uni, got loads of assignments due in the next couple of days... "plz t3alay m3ay meshtahya il ma63am il flany"... and I'd go

In the middle of a dream, sleeping after having pulled an rings "umbain shftay shsawa flan, ana adry ga3d y5oony bs..." *another hour of her reasoning to why she should stay with this mother fucking bastard* ... still I'm on the line listening

"dgeega wadeg 3alaich"... *3 hours later*... I still wait

I have a day off and plan to spend it doing work..."Mo fahma hal part mn il wajeb"... I go to uni and end up spending my day off helping someone with something I haven't finished myself

Finished uni at 7 after a long practical, she ends up crying and when I try to comfort her she asks me to leave... I still stay till 10 telling her why she shouldn't be crying

Doesn't speak to me for 4 months, asks to see me ... I show up

But when I need someone... no ones ever there for me.

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