Monday, 21 May 2012

no salfa

I don't feel right.

I'm not getting along with "me" at the moment,

If that makes sense ;/

I'm the type of person who keeps things to the last minute,

However I'd always get them done,

And most times no one could tell I did it "7azat il 7aza"...

But now... I'm losing that ability!!
And it feels frustrating,

I don't have enough time to get things done,

I end up not doing my best,

Then feeling bad becauce I know I'm capable of doing way more,

I know this needs to change...

But I can't change something I've grown with over night...


I neeeeeeed a break !

I want to do something crazy,

The craziest thing I could think of was dying my hair,

Then I fell into a dilemma with which colour I should go for:S

Ma 3ndy salfa :)

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