Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Stuck again,
Lost in thoughts,
Bottled up emotions,
Yet numb...


Pleasing others?

Pleasing myself?

Blurred vision,

Crying soul,


I can't even connect my thoughts.

Doing what I want at this moment means hurting everyone around me,
Breaking hearts,
Losing friends...

I want to be alone.


  1. One is the loneliest number, useful in some cases, not all. find someone to lean on, a stranger/friend with no desire to do anything more except listen and console.

  2. Hey there, Im actually on of your readers on this blog I love it. I also love the way you write are you into literature or something? Anyways try being alone for a while just to clear your thoughts and to take the right decisions. And do what ever makes you happy guuurl! xoxo