Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year?

I was going through a blog a couple of days ago,

Unfortunatley I can't seem to find it again !! ekh.


It had a video of a guy,

I guess he was something like a life coach,

I browsed through the rest of his videos,

And Voila !

Something about new years and resolutions,

I really liked the way he went about it,

And so I went through the video and jotted down a summary of what he was talking about,

Here goes ;

(Get a pen and paper in case you decide to try this out ;p)

1) Celebrate

*Celebrate the "wins" of 2010,
*Where you have been successful,
*And those special moments,
*Regardless of how simple or small they were

2) Education

Educate yourself by answering the following questions:

*What did I learn?
*What were the best 3 life lessons I gained?
*What have I done to accomplish those results?

3) Clarification

Make sure you're clear about where you stand at the moment, and what you wish to achieve

*What are my 5 major goals for 2011?
*What 5 values do I wish to apply?
*What are my 15 minor goals?

Remember !

Creativity + audacity = mastery

Use this formula when building your goals,
Be creative,
But at the same time,
Challenge yourself,
By being fearless,
And daring

4) Graduation

*Apply a plan to sequence what you wish to accomplish and when
*Ensure that it is a month-by-month plan

5) Visualization

Now, after you've done all of the above,
Close your eyes for a bit,
And imagine,
Imagine all your goals,
Literally see yourself this time next year,
With all what you wish to get out of 2011,
See that image?
Recall it everyday,
And hang on to it for the times it gets rough,

This is where you'll be :)

Happy New Year !!!;;*******

And Finally Happy B-day to my dear blog,
Which today is a year older.

Don't Dwell

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


In shakespear' Macbeth,

Lady Macbeth compulsively washes her hand,

To cleanse an imagined stain,

Representing her guilty conscience regarding crimes she had committed and induced her husband to commit.

" Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine, making the green one red "

The later prosepect is exactly where I stood today,

The way in which we humans approach guilt is so confound,

Instead of treating this burning sensation which settles in the core of one's heart,

We choose to abolish all articles reminding us of such harm we have provoked,

The predicament is,

Regardless of how hard we scour,

It is the psychological effect,

That keeps us captives,

Of our own,