Sunday, 29 May 2011

Speak My Mind

You probably get this feeling too,

When you've got something on your mind,

And your chest feels tight,

Yet you can't seem to explain the cause.

I guess it's a few things in my case.

Firstly I'm already worried about results, although it's barely been 2 days since my last final.


How do I put this?

You see me as someone I'm not,

You judge me on the way I act to please you,

And at the end of the day neither I or you are satisfied.

What I saw once as special is now below average,

You're all the same,

Narrow minds,

Shallow personalities,

And a love for lust,

I don't care anymore,

I seriously don't,

Carry on ignoring me,

I'm not going to loose anything because there wasn't anything to gain from the start,

So... goodbye ?



I annoy me,

Not sure if it makes sense,

But I do.

Every time I say I won't do something I end up doing it,

I care about things which are meaningless,

And I'm dragged into acting a certain way around certain people,

Why, why do I do that?

Some days I feel I have the strongest personality out there,

I know whats right and whats wrong,

I know what I want,

And I know who to be with,

But days like this,

I feel weak,


And lonely.

I want to start over again,

If only I could erase everything,

Every impression of me,

Every thought,

Just everything,

And get to be who I really am,

Putting it all out there,

And not having to lie to please anyone,

To simply speak my mind.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

laish y3ny lama yat 3ala a5r imte7an 5agait?!

klsh mo wakta

5a9atan ina hal mada compulsory

oo ana MABY resit


inshalla ysa6erlna il imt7an mn past papers INSHALLA !!

< tg9 3ala nafs-ha

madry shfeeh mazajy these past couple of days,

il mshkla ina fy sebab bs I don't want to go there,

L2na awal mara a3aned oo asawy ily brasy...

ga3da a5arb6,

ma7b il sh3oor lama mako sh3oor,


fy sha'3la ib baly,

a5 low asaweeh,

a6la3 as3ad insana bl dinya,

bs I'll keep that for summer

3ala 6ary summer,

aby ared on monday :'(

ya rab ma ykoon fe delays l2na 6agat chabdy,

t3abt wana maly a7d ihny,

aby ard bain ahaly,

aby a7s ib loya wz3aj oo garga,

mo ihny,

a6er il 7achy 6rara mn il awadem,

kl mojamalat ib mojamalat,

oo kl wa7d ygazerha 3ala afa il thany,

a55 ya yuma...

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Do You See What I See?

اذا زلزلت الارض زلزالها واخرجت الارض اثقالها وقال الانسان مالها يومئذ تحدث اخبارها

Take a look at the world around you,

I see greed,

I see self-indulgence,

I see fraud,

I see lies,

I see neglected blessings.

What do you see?

Look at the world from up above.

I see Volcanoes erupting,

I see lands flooding,

I see countries torn apart by earthquakes,

I see people killed by tornadoes,

I see poverty,

I see slaughter in the name of freedom,

What do you see?

Does it matter that you didn't get to buy that dress?

Or you're no longer friends with someone you never really cared about?

Or you broke up with a guy you know is never going to marry you?

Or you didn't get to go out today for whatever reason?

No it doesn't matter,

Because all this is worthless,

Don't look at what is around you,

You won't see it all,

Look from above,

Only then you'll realize how small you are in this world,

And guess what?

This world doesn't revolve around you.

One day it'll all be over,

Do you really want to waste it obssessing over pure nothing?

Smile and thank God for what you have,

Make the best out of it,

And stop being selfish,

Sometimes we just don't get what we want,

Because God will give us something better.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

دونت دول العقيديه

مزاااااااجي صاير عقدني

اتوقع انه تأثير الامتحانات

لا ما اتوقع

صارله جم شهر على هل حاله

يا الاهي انني اكتب بالعربيه ها ها ها

yes I'm bored,

هاكم سمعوو

لك ليييييييييييييش البشر هيجي؟؟

Sunday, 15 May 2011


awal shay .. shit im stalking you !!

thany shay I'm feeling possessive of you.. shako madry...

Moving on,

Finals start bacher oo awal mara ib 7ayaty I just want to get them over with;/
3adatan I freak out oo I start saying I want more time to study,
Bs hal mara 7ta low ma 5ala9t studying I still wanna go through them !!

ahhhh SUMMER..

Ra7 anam oo anam oo anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam,

7ta low mo nayma I'm still gonna be in bed,

Ra7 asra7 oo amra7 oo afra7 oo sefoon 3ala um il jam3a

ok bs 5ala9t

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


خلوه على كيفه يدور غيري ...
يرتاح وأرتاح أنا من تفكيري ...
مافاد لا حبي ولا تقديري ...
مابيه حتى لو تعنى وجاني ...


I came across this song and memories just started flooding in,

I remember it being Easter break and I was back in Kuwait,

Just a regular Friday night,

Out with my cousins,

This song was on full blast,

It was the first time I'd heard it,

But they'd known it and were already singing along,

I'd laugh at how silly they looked,

The atmosphere was just so cheerful,

We'd make fools out of ourselves just for the fun of it,

Then when I was back in the UK I had it as my ring tone,

Every time my phone rang I'd have flashbacks of Kuwait,

And smile a little inside.

I thought that year was my year,

Everything was going well,

It changed a lot of things in me,

Little did I know that the years to come would do to.

But 2009 was special,

It brought out the challenging me,

Showed me I can do whatever I want to,

As long as I wanted it.

Then 2010 came,

It showed me that not everything I want has to suit me,

I learned to fall and pick myself up,

I learned to look back and criticize myself instead of dwell,

I learned to create opportunities from failures,

Most of all,

I learned to move on.

2011.... I'll keep that for another post :)

Monday, 2 May 2011


I'm not really sure how I'm expected to react,

Should I laugh it off and never think about it?

Or should I start making excuses?

Or maybe carry on drawing a picture of this person which is more imaginary than real,

I don't know,

After all I might just be obsessing like I usually do.

I know for a fact most of us think this way,

But why is it when it comes to being on the other end most find difficulty living up to their words,

We'd rather be rejected than live a lie,

So why is it when someone doesn't fit our expectations,

We go around in circles wanting to be nice.

Your not doing me any good by gradually distancing yourself,

You either say you want me,

Or you don't,

It's as easy as that,

No need to make me come up with conclusions,

And keep thinking to myself about all these random things.

Give me it straight,

Tell me where I stand.