Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kuwait, Because I Love You.

“It’s just a benign tumour developing in your uterus...” they had told her before extracting what was the size of a foetus. A couple of months later my aunt got diagnosed with uterine cancer. Yes, just like most stories you’ve heard it was misdiagnosed in Kuwait and she had to seek treatment abroad.

My parents and many others have chosen to provide their children with a private education costing an average of 26,000KD in total. The reasons as to why they have chosen to do so are not what I would like to address, plus they differ from one individual to other. What I’d like to say is that’s 26,000KD our parents have saved the government from spending. In return when applying for scholarships abroad, the first time we seek financial assistance from the government for a form of education, we are faced with unnecessary obstacles resulting from employees lacking knowledge, thought and stimulus. In return years of our lives are wasted for a nothing.

Those who have chosen to go through with the public system are not suffering any less. Whether it is from the poor schooling quality, crumbling facilities or unprofessional staff, no one is satisfied. I don’t even need to explain what goes on in Kuwait University as you are probably more informed than me. The least I need to say would be what university in the world puts specific entrance requirements and the rejects hundreds of students who meet them. This is the year 2011 and authorities fail to recognize the size of this situation, is building another university that big of a deal?

We all have dream jobs, we could work day and night, make the grades required and even higher. Once we apply to them we are greeted with the question, “What’s your name?”. When did we stop recognizing potentials? When did we stop considering qualifications? When did we start neglecting the consequences of employing those who are unworthy of such positions?

In the past paragraphs I have outlined three of the most basic human needs;

1) 1)Medical care

2) 2)Education

3) 3)A source of income (Jobs)

What’s the purpose of getting free medical care if we’d end up being killed, free education when we’re not being educated and jobs which don’t suit our qualifications?

P.S. I’m not being biased, I love my country to death and because I love it so much, never in a million years would I accept seeing it be this way. This is just part of what I have to say, going to post the other once it’s done.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Saturday, 3 September 2011


You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.
~Brian Tracy

As human beings, in most situations we seek to present ourselves as victims. By doing so we gain control of what is to happen, whether it be the outcome of the situation or what feelings we wish to acknowledge.

Regardless of what we really are, it is how we see ourselves.

But what if we put an end to this act?

What if this play consisted of just one role?

A role which isn't influenced with the lust for empathy.

Imagine with me...

We've all been heartbroken... right?

But how many of us have dismissed that thought and accepted the reality of the circumstances instead of feeding on the pain to gain self-remorse?

Why do we have to settle for that phase which accompanies heart-break?

For me, from now on I'm not going to do so.

Neither should you.

By looking at the situation without over-analysing and accepting reality, I believe one can move on without living in the shadows of pain.

Doing so, is taking control over our own feelings.

Only we have the right to feel what we want to feel,
and no one should be settling for misery.