Tuesday, 31 January 2012

F-A-K-E !

I don't mean those incidents where you misinterpret someone because you didn't give them a chance,

no, no, NO!

I mean those freaking "ana-shareefat-roma-wntaw-klokm-*!#?%-bs-3ady-ana-yayba-wa7d-ihny-oo-msawya-a-f**king-hickey-3ala-rgobta-bs-still-ana-m7ad-ashraf-mny" types... 3eraftoohm?

I am beyond shocked!!!

SHLON ...I-SH-LOOOOOOOOON you can keep an act for that long, and around those many people!!

How can you disguise such a messed up mind!!

walla gabel this girl ast7y aseb jdamha mn kthr ma i respect her,

now... BA7 !

I feel so stupid for believing everything i'm told,

la bl a9a7 i can be so naive !

Why can't people just act the way they think?

Laish kl shay bl 5ash wl das oo ba3dain we're faced with people we never knew to start with oo kl shay kan kalam ib kalam!

Ok I've done stuff i regret, I'm not perfect and I never said I was,

I act neutral around people,

Mala da3y amshy wagool my life story,

Oo bnafs il wakt ma asawy nafsy so "dayna" oo "3ajla" oo " '3abya"

I just choose to keep things to myself,

bs hal awadem?!!!!!

9dmooony akthr,

7jab... 9alat... mako mekyaj...il ahal 9akeen 3alaiha 9aka...


Guys... GOD HELP U ! ana bnt oo I stopped telling which girls r fake from which aren't

mo5ta9ar il salafa,

We're all free to do whatever we want to do,

No one has the right to judge,

But what good is it living a life of deceit,

It won't hurt if u act as urself,

Don't present urself as an open book ,

Just be sincere,

Liars don't make friends

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

dom dom chak *shakes*

mazaj lyom

*click here*

sorry il quality mo laih ihnak (a)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012