Friday, 27 April 2012


Walking around the perfume aisles I glimpsed "very irresistible" givenchy,
I couldn't stop myself from spraying it on my wrist,
Memories just poured in after that,
Bringing back all sorts of forgotten pain.

Its just amazing how scents can bring back a time of ones life.

How can I explain this...
It felt like each memory is attached to a string,
And with a trigger like that,
They were being pulled on as in a muppet show,
Dancing around in ones mind.

A year ago I would've felt regret,
Just pure regret,
But now thats starting to fade away,
I know it won't ever go away for sure.

Yes I've grown older,
And with every year I realize how meaningless age is,
A number,
Not more, not less.

~Fulton Oursler

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Hmm where to start?

Well for one, I know some things about me never change,

Mistakes I keep making,

Over and over again,

Getting myself involved with things way bigger than what I can handle,

Still getting emotionally occupied with complete shit...

Will I ever grow up and just get over all this?

If only I act the way I think ,

I'd be someone different,

I'd be more comfortable with who I am,

Satisfied... less confused... more confident?

How can I put this in words...I'm too scared of taking responsibilty for my own actions,

I seem to dismiss the right thoughts,

Carry on with whats not doing me any good,

Only because I know it's too low,

So when I fall it won't make a difference,


I still feel theres more I want to say,

More to get off my chest,

But I'm lost for words,

I'm hating me at the moment.

Friday, 6 April 2012


Why do i keep getting these flashbacks,
The same string of thoughts everytime,
The same guilt eating me up,
It hurts going through it over and over again,
Wish i could just wipe it all out,
Get a clean start,
Something less complicated and more like me.

Galby ga3d yrga3 oo i can't sleep :(